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Certain conditions and environments can lead to the growth of harmful strains of mold around your home or building. If left unchecked, these harmful molds can lead to serious health problems for the occupants of the house or building. To combat mold properly, or detect a mold problem early, proper mold inspection Chattanooga TN is required.

When you notice mold on your property, or see signs of a mold infestation, calling in the professionals for mold inspection is the right thing to do. Mold likes to hide in dark places and out of sight where it continues to cause damage unseen. With a proper mold inspection Chattanooga TN, you can detect the out of sight mold infestation, know the extent of damage and get a proper plan to tackle the mold problem.

Immediate things to do when you notice signs of mold

When you notice signs of mold on your property, you need to act fast. Prompt action will reduce damage to your property and reduce exposure to harmful mold spores that can cause health complications. Here are some of the things you can do to mitigate damage before the mold inspector comes in;

Protect your family or occupants – when you notice signs mold, it is best to assume that you are already exposed to elevated mold spore count in the air. You should take precautions to protect the occupants of the building or your family. Have them wait outside or wear personal protective equipment while in the house. People with low immunity or those with allergies should not come into contact with materials affected by mold or near the infestation.

Isolate items – if you notice you have some items that are affected by mold, isolate them by placing them inside plastic bags or a sealed box. If they are large items like furniture, cover them with plastic sheets. However, isolation and containment of the mold affected areas and items will also be done properly by the professionals when they come in.

Call in the professionals – ensure that you call in a professional mold inspection and remediation company in Chattanooga TN to come assess the size of your mold problem. Professionals use moisture meters and infrared cameras to detect excess moisture pockets and hence the cause of mold on your property. Mold removal and remediation is an emergency service and the best companies in the region treat it as such. They are therefore available on call 24/7 and respond immediately to come inspect and assess the problem before remediation starts.

Unless you have done an inspection of the property and determined with surety that you have a minor mold problem, you should not attempt mold removal on your own. It can lead to further spread of the mold around the property and it increases the risk of exposure to mold spores and hence health problems. Also, you might not have the capacity to properly take care of the cause of mold and the equipment needed to keep yourself safe. It is best to let professionals who with adequate techniques and equipment handle a major mold problem or a mold problem you are unsure of.

Is mold testing for identification necessary?

Is professional mold testing Chattanooga TN necessary before a mold problem is handled? The answer is no. Mold testing to identify the type of mold is done for specific reasons for instance if there health concerns with some of the occupants of the property. However, it is not required for the professionals to respond to the mold invasion.

The professionals can continue to remove and clean the mold affected areas and items as usual unless they come across a totally unknown strain of mold on your property. The standard mold removal and remediation process is adequate to handle any type of mold.

Identifying and eliminating the cause of mold

One of the major reasons for mold inspection Chattanooga TN is to identify the source of excess moisture fueling the mold growth. Immediate action is taken to correct the problem causing excess moisture or water damage to the house. This may include fixing leaks or bursts, fixing plumbing issues, lowering humidity in the property, fixing roofing problems and improving ventilation among other things.

Fixing the source of excess moisture is key because it ensures the mold problem will not recur. Otherwise cleaning the mold affected items and removing them would not be a lasting solution when the source of moisture has not been fixed. This is one of the key reasons why your property might need expert mold inspection services in Chattanooga.

Demolition free mold inspection and removal

Professional mold inspection involves using specialized techniques and equipment that enable professionals to quickly and effectively identify the presence of mold even in out of sight places around the property. Some of these places include in cracks, under tiles, under boards or between walls. Identifying and removing mold without demolition makes the process even quicker for you and reduces the need for expensive repairs.

The leading companies in Chattanooga now use advanced mold removal techniques such as dry fog or dry freezing to effectively get rid of mold even in hidden spaces. These modern processes of mold inspection and removal are non-invasive which reduce the cost of professional services and costs for materials making them a win for you. Ask the company you want to work with about their inspection and removal processes if you would like non-invasive processes.

Hiring professional mold inspection services in Chattanooga

Do you need professional mold inspection Chattanooga TN? If yes, then you need to take some time to choose the right company for your needs. The right company should be one with the right equipment and certified expertise to provide non-invasive mold inspection. They should also be insured and licensed and have experience working with mold. Read online reviews and ratings to find out more about their reputation.

However, if you want to save time and get a company with all the above qualifications you can use our link service. We will link you with pre-vetted professional companies offering mold inspection in Chattanooga. Contact us now to learn more.