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Your mold problem is no match for our professional mold remediation companies in Chattanooga. Our companies are adequately equipped and utilize certified expertise to handle any level of mold problem that you might have. It doesn’t matter whether you have a black mold infestation or not, or whether the damage is extensive or not, our companies will effectively and safely handle your mold infestation to stop spread, further exposure and recurrence of a mold problem.

All our companies are based out of Chattanooga and operate throughout the region. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider working with our pre-vetted and approved restoration companies in Chattanooga;

Free inspections and quotes – our companies offer free inspections and give you quotes without any obligations. This way you can quickly cut through the noise and land the perfect company for you. What’s more, you can easily compare quotes from different companies and get to learn more about their operations beforehand.

Licensed and Insured remediators – our companies carry liability and environmental insurance and take every precaution to ensure your safety. Do not get involved with a company that doesn’t value your assets and your safety.

Certified personnel – all our companies provide a team of certified personnel for their restoration services. Their employees are equipped with the necessary qualifications and certifications to carry out mold remediation safely and effectively.

Want to hire a professional mold remediation company in Chattanooga? Compare free quotes today and get started on the journey to restore your health and property.

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Mold Remediation Chattanooga

Mold and mildew is a persistent and dangerous problem in many homes and businesses in Chattanooga. If you are experiencing recurring mold problems, you need professional mold remediation Chattanooga. Professionals will come with specialized equipment needed for proper identification of hidden water leaks and moisture problems on your property.

Proper mold remediation entails taking care of root of the problem. It is not about cleaning visible mold only. Professionals pinpoint the exact cause of mold and fix it protecting the property and your health.

Professional mold remediation process Chattanooga

Most companies in Chattanooga employ trained and certified expertise for mold remediation. The process may vary depending on several factors, however this is the typical process followed by certified professionals.

Mold inspection - the first step entails mold inspection. Here the professionals will use specialized equipment and techniques to determine the extent of your mold damage. Mold inspection may also involve testing to determine the type of mold affecting your property. Learning about the mold problem or invasion on your property helps the pros to come up with a customized remediation plan. They are also able to give you a fair offer based on what will be done.

Containment - mold removal is a meticulous process done with care to ensure safety. Containment is done to prevent spread of mold spore to uncontaminated areas of the property. It also prevents elevating the mold spore count in the air which could expose the occupants of the house to health risks. Containment is done using a physical barrier erected using 6mm plastic sheets. It is also enhanced by using negative air pressure in the contained areas.

Safe removal - mold removal Chattanooga TN entails safe removal of all contaminated materials. The materials are bagged and inventoried during the process. All those materials that cannot be salvaged will be disposed of following regulations. Those that can be salvaged are deep cleaned using high grade deep cleaners and vacuums. This is done to remove all the mold on the surface.

Usually porous materials are difficult to salvage because mold spores easily hide inside the empty spaces on the surface. It therefore becomes hard to completely remove them or be sure that they are all removed. This is the only way to prevent recurrence of mold on your property.

Air quality testing - air quality testing is done after mold removal to confirm that the process was successful. Air from outside the property and inside especially from the vicinity of the affected areas is compared to check whether the mold count is the same. If the same it means that the air quality is okay and there are no elevated levels of mold.

Repairs - professional mold remediation Chattanooga extends beyond just mold removal. Professional companies are equipped and able to conduct repairs on the damaged parts. This reduces the hassle of having to hire two different companies for the job; one for mold removal and one for repairs and reconstruction. Repairs are essential and they have to be done to set building codes and standards to ensure the property is brought back to pre-damaged conditions.

Preventive measures - preventing recurrence of mold on your property is just as important as proper removal. You do not want to go through the same hassle of hiring mold remediation services again. Professionals will ensure that mold is removed properly on all surfaces, repairs are done and the moisture problem is taken care of.

Besides that, they also offer recommendations on how you can keep your Chattanooga property free of mold. By employing preventative measures, you will keep your property at its top conditions while also ensuring the health of your family or employees.

Some of the preventive measures you can use include;

  • Control humidity in your property ensuring it stays below 50%.
  • Ensure proper ventilation of the property
  • Dry wet areas and spills immediately
  • Consider using mold resistant products
  • Take care of plumbing issues immediately
  • Let professionals handle water damage issues on your property
  • Keep your property well maintained
  • Manage intrusion by external water sources

Warning signs of mold on your property

Even when you cannot visually spot mold growth, you could be having a big infestation out of sight. Here are some of the common signs of a mold infestation on your property even when you cannot visually spot mold growth; Signs of discoloration on walls or ceilings

  • Leaks or water bursts in the house
  • Musty smell lingering in some areas around the property
  • Warped or bubbling paint
  • Spotted clothing or shoes
  • Marks on carpets and furniture
  • Spots on AC filter
  • Unexplained respiratory problems and illnesses

Choosing the right mold remediation specialist in Chattanooga

Choosing a mold remediation specialist in Chattanooga is not a simple of super direct procedure. You will have to do some due diligence first so you can land the best company to cater for your needs. There are many companies out there masquerading as professionals only to scam unsuspecting people. It is essential therefore that you know what to look out for when choosing experts Chattanooga mold remediation.

Mold remediation Chattanooga should be done by certified professionals that know how to do it safely and effectively. Professionals are endowed with the right techniques to handle mold problems regardless of the extent of damage or type of mold infesting your property. Companies in Chattanooga have done the right investments equipping themselves with specialized and advanced tools to help them take care of the mold problem effectively.

Choose a company that is insured, licensed, experienced and of good reputation in the region. For the best mold remediation companies in Chattanooga, our resource of highly vetted companies can help you. We have chosen the best companies to save you time and ensure you do not lose your hard earned money to unscrupulous people out there.

We have verified everything already so you can go ahead and get free estimates and inspections to compare rates and choose the right company for your needs. Hire the right company the first time and save your property today.